A Journey of Rebirth

Reincarnation is a funny thing. For one, it transcends belief. It doesn’t choose who remembers and who does not. It simply is.

There is a cycle to Life: life, death, and rebirth. Time and time again, our souls are recycled, much in the way leaves are recycled each year. The old leaves die, the tree goes to sleep, and and in the springtime it comes back to life. Over the winter the old leaves decompose, giving nourishment to the soil. It is those vital nutrients -the remnants of the tree’s former life- that replenish the Earth and allow the cycle to continue. In that way the tree remains one entity, but it is made up of endless cycles, countless stories and experiences, that have made it unique.

Such is the case with our own lives. We are all but trees in a vast and densely wooded forest. I have always liked the tree analogy. That is, each one of us represents the trunk. The largest, most central limbs represent our closest friends and family members. From there our trees “branch out”, as does our inner circle, until finally we reach the leaves.

Now, we can choose to view the leaves in one of two ways. If we view ourselves as deciduous trees, our leaves represent the people who enter out lives for a season. They are then returned to the forest to enter the roots of a neighboring tree. Perhaps they will return to us, closer than before, and aid in the growth of a new branch.

If we view ourselves as conifers, those evergreen needles serve the same function. However, they tend to stick around much longer (if not indefinitely), even if we are unaware of them.

In either case, we accept that everyone has a place in our lives, if only for a moment. This is called our soul group, or soul family. Most specifically, the people we are closest to tend to be the ones we will encounter life after life. If we are lucky enough to remember, we may recognize current loved ones from eras long passed. In my experience this can create a feeling of serendipity. It lends the sense that we are all connected.

What if you do not believe in reincarnation? Can you still remember? The answer to this is yes. There have been countless case studies done in this field. Many of the most incredible tales of rebirth have come from non-believers. A few hand picked examples will be gone over in later posts.

In writing this post, I hope to share with you a story that I believe is worth telling. I am not asking you to reconsider your beliefs. Nobody has that power but you. I am simply asking you to listen while I recount the tale of a soul family that reunited after over four thousand years…and remembered each other in astonishing detail.

The names of the people involved have all been changed, including my own. However, the names of their historic counterparts have not. Much of my story has been historically confirmed, fifteen years after I first began to remember. I have gone to great lengths to fact check my own research. Historical fact is presented as such. That which cannot be confirmed is clearly noted. A bibliography will eventually be provided, once this comes together as the book I plan it to be.

Much of what I will be telling you was not easy to remember. I expect the same was true for everyone else. It is my sincere hope that you respect our beliefs and at the very least give consideration to our own personal truths in this matter.

Remembering the past has been a journey. It is a journey of life through death. The social classes mentioned may be scoffed at but the emotions we all felt were no different from the emotions we all feel today.

There will be followup posts every so often, categorized under “Reincarnation”. I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I have enjoyed telling it. May you come away with a sense of connectedness, much in the way that I did.

-K. White Wolf


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