It is on the midwinter festival of Imbolc (February 2nd) that we celebrate the bard. Creativity flows in the forms of poetry, dance, prose, and song. Ritual fires blaze, welcoming the flame of inspiration that Brid brings. She has been reborn in her youthful, maiden form, just as the Earth is experiencing its own rebirth.

The sunlight shall wax henceforth, warming the soil. Growth stirs beneath the ground, birds begin to return, animals court, and love blossoms as we rejoice in the coming springtime. The very first creatures poke their heads from their burrows. The snake emerges, shedding the skin of his hibernation. He basks in the renewed sunlight, and if he finds himself in shadow he returns beneath the soil for another six weeks of winter.

It is between now and Ostera that many maidens entering wedlock will be blessed by Brid. Hence the origins of the word “bride”. The fertility of Mother Gaia can be felt and seen throughout the season. Love and creativity bloom.

We bards shall gather in unity to share what we so love: our self-expression. May Brid’s flame shed light where creativity lacks, and may her sunlight melt the ice of writers’ block.

Out with the olde of Winter and in with the new growth of Spring. Happy Imbolc to all. May the ancestors, the nature spirits, and Lady Brid smile upon you with love and renewed inspiration.

~K. White Wolf


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