K. White Wolf 

K. White Wolf has been a practicing druid for over a decade. Her roots are deeply embedded in her Cherokee heritage and she has answered the call of the Earth for as long as she can remember. Her strengths lie in herbalism and healing.

In 2012 she joined The Grove, hoping to learn more through practicing with peers. When the original founder left she was appointed leader. She has since taken on students, guiding them along their path while she continues to learn. While her personal practice is mostly solitary she enjoys participating in and organizing events on the high holidays.

White Wolf has a vested interest in historical preservation and she has dedicated much of her free time to protecting local megaliths. Her efforts have been successful in the research and preservation of the stone chambers of New York and New England. More information can be found at http://www.kelticenergy.com and by emailing her.

It is her sincere hope that Grove of the Ancient Willow can serve well any and all seeking guidance along the paths of Druidry or Shamanism.

Yule at the Mother Earth Chamber